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Strophanthin / ouabain (the english term for g-strophanthin) is the solution of the problem of myocardial infarction and angina pecoris and the most other heart diseases – the optimal prevention and treatment without serious side effects.

It is also very effectful in the case of hypertension, stroke, dementia and  peripheral artery occlusive disease. In addition there are reports about an effect in the case of parkinson, asthma bronchiale and glaukoma.


1) List of articles

2) How to get ouabain

a) products

b) doctors which prescribe it

3) How to take it


1) List of articles

A sensation: an article in 2010 about ouabain in an international medical journal, The International Journal of Clinical Practice:

This article and in the meantime some other ones here, please scroll down to the end of the page:

A brandnew complex web page by MD Knut Sroka from Hamburg:

My english text:

A shorter form of this text is also published at

main page =
, the homepage of a clinic in Sao Paulo which had excellent results
with ouabain in acute myocardial infarction until 1980 (when ouabain was forbidden because of political, not medical causes).

There is also an article about ouabain on the homepage of

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM):

Originally published on the homepage of the World Research Foundation:

Dr. Thomas Cowan in San Francisco:

Dr. Debusmann / Germany also made an english information about ouabain:

A one-pager information about the anti-acid effect of ouabain in the myocardium:

I have written many informations on the discussion page to ouabain at Wikipedia:

If you want german informations, I can send it to you, they are more extensive.


2) How can I get strophanthin / ouabain?

a) Products

1) Homeopathic: Strophanthin is free available in German pharmacies as a homeopathic medicine (and in your country also? perhaps via international internet pharmacies?) (= “Waba ouabain” from the company “Schuck”). D4 = 1:10.000, there is enough substance in it to generate a substantial effect, additionally to the homeopathic effect. But in severe cases I would trust in the allopathic form.

Perhaps it is available also in your country, please try at your pharmacy or at the company

If on the package insert is written that one should take Strophactiv only for a short time or if there is a dosage limit: forget it. It is only a bureaucratic harassment and has no reference to the reality.

2) Allopathic / substantial ouabain

There are many studies and articles about the capsules named “Strodival”. But those in all three ocurrances are not produced anymore. (“Strodival mr” was a capsule with 3 mg which is resistant to the stomach fluid.The capsules to bite for a quicker effect stopped years ago: “Strodival” with 3 mg and “Strodival spezial” with 6 mg each.  )

The alternatives:

1) Without a doctors`prescription:

It is an alcoholic extract of the seed of the “strophanthus gratus” plant, with all associated material and the ouabain content of roundabout 4-8 % in the seed.

2) With a doctors prescription:

a) enteric-coated capsules

b) Strophanthus gratus tincture

c) Strophanthus kombé tincture

d) Phials for intravenous injection

For more details please see below the following note.


Sometimes there is a shortage of strophanthus gratus / ouabain because of harvest / distribution problems in West Africa. But as an alternative there will be a strophanthus kombé tincture from East Africa. This one could be more powerful (according to Dr. Debusmann regarding his angina pectoris symptoms – now only 8 drops in the morning and 5 in the evening instead of 30 drops once daily), perhaps also with more possibility of irritation of the intestine ? Also please stay attent with cardiac arrhythmia, if you are  predisposed to it, please begin with  a low dosis and increase it slowly.

The tincture will also be from “Maros”, available at the pharmacies listed below. Please ask if they send it to your country, esp. the USA.


a) A german pharmacy produces enteric-coated capsules with 3 mg each which open in the intestine. The capsules are more expensive than the tincture.

On the precription there should be written: “g-Strophanthin-8-hydrat, 100 (or 200 or …) capsules 3 mg, enteric-coated”    Please ask if your country is possible.

b)  Alcoholic extract of the seed of the “strophanthus gratus” plant

or “strophanthus kombé”.

There is a product from Germany, produced by Maros Arznei GmbH, 90765 Fürth-Bayern, Erlanger Str. 38, Tel. 0049 – 911 7565790

(Similar to the alcoholic extract from Brazil, but more inexpensive, please check the price.)

You cannot buy it directly there, but if you send your prescription to one of the pharmacies mentioned on this page.  Or the Klösterl Apotheke (pharmacy) in Munich, they will send it to you. Please ask if your country is possible.

On the prescription there should be written: “100 / 200 /… ml Strophanthus gratus Urtinktur HAB

or the same with “Strophanthus kombé”

The ouabain content is standardized to 6 mg in 1 ml (0,6 %).


d) The “Schloß Apotheke” in Koblenz also produces ouabain pharmaceutical phials for intravenous injection (0,125 mg and 0,25 mg), also only with a physician´s prescription, likely they sell it abroad.
Dr. Eichele, Tel. 0049 – 261 – 18439



b) Physicians:

I can not give a guarantee, but perhaps Dr. Gräupner or. Dr. Sroka could send a prescription for you to one of the pharmacies mentioned on this page:


Additional information from

If you want to use Strophanthin (and you should realy try it and see what happens! There are no negative side effects) you need a doctors prescription.

Some of the German doctors on my list “durch wen erhältlich”, espescially Dr. Graeupner in D-82467 Garmisch Partenkirchen (, will give you a prescription and send it directly to the Pharmacy of Dr. Eichele in D-56068 Koblenz. Who, then, will send it to you. Also Dr. Birgit Frank, Postl address 88630 will do so. I think you will get her easier than Dr. Graeupner.

Dr. Birgit Frank, Im Breitle 2, 88630 Pfullendorf, Tel. 0049 – 7552 – 1277, no e-mail


3) How to use the ouabain drops

The dosage is an individual one. You can start with a very small dosage and then enhance it until the symptoms are better. Then, after a time of roundabout 2 weeks, you can try to diminish the dosage slowly and see, if the symptoms stay better. If not, you have found the lower limit. So you can find an effective and economically dosage.


If you have no symptoms, it is more difficult. For a pure prophylaxis a low dosage could be effective, depending on your other factors of lifestyle. For patients with for example a history of myocardial infarction, Dr. Kern, the dean of the oral ouabain therapy, always did advise a quite high daily dosage of 3 x 9 mg ouabain.


In the case of acute heart pain the drops were given directly on the tongue to stay as long as possible, at least some minutes. Via the mucous membrane of the tongue and the whole mouth the absorption is especially good and rapid. If one couldn´t hold the drops on the tongue anymore, they shouldn´t be swallowed but kept in the mouth furthermore for additional absorption.

This is also in the case of continuing intake (everyday use) the best choice.

Regarding the oral absorption the only known adverse effect of ouabain is an irritation of the mucous membrane (irritation by the concentrated ouabain and the alcohol content). Once in the body no adverse effect of ouabain is known; this is related to a wide dosage range.

To avoid this possible, by far not obligatory irritation, it is useful to begin with a very small dosage and to rise it slowly. If there is an irritation, please stop the intake until the symptom has normalized, and try again with a small(er) beginning dosage and a careful increase.

This is a quantitative aspect which can be used regarding the following qualitative aspects.

The oral intake of ouabain could be performed with increasingly effective methods. The first step is to make the procedure outlined above with some water, as little as possible. One can find out the optimal amount by stepwise approach from the higher or lower range. If it is not possible to hold the amount on the tongue you can hold it in the mouth for some minutes before swallowing. If eventually the irritation sometime happens also with the previously compatible dosage, you can naturally increase the water content.

If this also leeds to irritations, then the next step is to dissolve the ouabain in a glass of water and swallow it at least half an hour before a meal. It is advisable to use not too many but also not too little water, the latter because with a sufficient amount of water the stomach will pass the content on to the intestine. If there is some irritation ot the stomach or intestine, one should try to raise the amount of water, or take it after a (little) meal. I suppose that there is an attenuated therapeutic effect of about one third, and delayed compared to the absorption via the mouth.

Naturally you can use a combination of both pathways, both simultaneously or alternately.

If you have questions, please write to

I hope I could help you, with best wishes, Rolf Petry